dId yOu kNoW ThAt uGaNdA gRoWs sOmE Of tHe bEsT cOfFeE In tHe wOrLd?

We are proud to be partnered with HSBC at the Black Business Show to showcase our delicious Blue Turaco Coffee and our mission to bring the very best Ugandan coffee to the world.

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IF YoU ArE WoNdErInG wHeRe tHe dElIcIoUs nUtTy cHoCoLaTe tAsTe cOmEs fRoM...

OuR CoFfEe

is 100% Ugandan Specialty Robusta. In the past Robusta beans were the poor cousin to Arabica however now the world is discovering the unique flavours unlocked through careful growing and roasting.


are from Founder Wyclie’s own farm in Uganda and from fellow farmers who produce high quality coee using sustainable methods.


is three times UK Barista Champion and coee guru Maxwell Colonna Dashwood who has created the ultimate roast recipe for this special coffee


is not just in a cup with twice as much caeine as regular arabica coee but also in the way we are changing lives. Wyclie began picking coee when he was an 8-year-old boy to pay for his school fees & food and through our Impact Fund we aim to feed 12,000 Ugandan village schoolchildren in the next three years.

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Enjoy our powerful coffee!

Wycliffe & The Blue Turaco Team