Coffee facts for your next pub quiz   …with a touch of geography thrown in.

Coffee facts for your next pub quiz …with a touch of geography thrown in.

Isn’t it amazing that coffee is grown in wonderful places that are thousands of miles away, and yet, we get to drink it everyday. 

Most coffee is grown in the Southern Hemisphere and drunk in the Northern Hemisphere. It is grown along the equator in what is known as the “Coffee Belt” - we like the sound of that. It covers the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and Asia; places that are hot, humid, with a lot of rain and perfect for coffee growing - less perfect for running marathons unless you are @hardestgeezer

In Africa, Uganda is the #3 producer of coffee. And the #1 producer of Robusta. So, here are some lovely coffee-and-Uganda facts for your next pub quiz. 

  • Uganda is the birthplace of the River Nile and also the birthplace of Robusta.
  • It is one of the only countries in the world where coffee grows naturally - you can still find it growing in the forests in central Uganda.
  • Coffee is a big deal in Uganda - it makes up nearly a third of the country's export earnings. 
  • It is grown by thousands of smallholder farmers, each with a small plot of private land; 1.8 million households in Uganda grow coffee - isn’t that amazing. 

Wycliffe grew up picking coffee beans as a young boy and he is in Uganda as we speak for the harvest. 

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