How to brew the best cup of Blue Turaco Coffee!

How to brew the best cup of Blue Turaco Coffee!

So tell us. What kind of coffee maker are you?

Do you have a cupboard of impressive equipment and a kitchen resembling a chemistry lab?  Do you use your trusted French press?

Just like stories, there is always a long version and short version. When making coffee, you can take the long scenic route or the direct one and we believe “The way you like” is the only answer to the question “how should I make my coffee”.

That said, we will share with you how we like to make our Blue Turaco Coffee.

To drink our 100% Specialty Ugandan Robusta at its very best, we recommend drinking it as an espresso or espresso-based drink (cappuccino, flat white etc), using an espresso machine or moka pot. 

If you prefer a longer coffee and use a French press or cafetiere, that works too.

Some general tips

  • 96/97 degrees is ideal temperature...we don’t expect you to stand there with a thermometer unless you want to. You can just flick the kettle off before it boils.
  • The fresher the grind the better. 
  • Use a warm cup, it will be nicer than having your hot coffee in a cold cup and keep it hotter longer.

Using a moka…

  • Short coffee
  • Medium fine grind
  • 100g medium-fine coffee per litre of water

Cafetiere/french press

  • Long coffee 
  • Coarse grind
  • 15-20g coffee to 250ml water
  • Add water just off the boil
  • Give it a stir
  • Brew for 4 mins
  • If you like, you can scoop off the excess
  • Plunge
  • Enjoy!

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