Blue Turaco powerful coffee -powerful impact concept.

What does Powerful Coffee with Power Impact mean?


powerful coffee with a powerful impact

Powerful coffee. Powerful impact

 ‘Powerful coffee. Powerful impact.’ But it’s more than a gimmick or simple slogan to us  - here’s what it means.

Powerful coffee.

It is great coffee. We use 100% speciality graded robusta coffee beans, sourced directly from Ugandan smallholder coffee farmers, graded and roasted by UK award-winning baristas - Robusta coffee has naturally double the caffeine as arabica coffee.

Powerful impact.

Social impact is at the core of Blue Turaco coffee. our founder - Wycliffe Sande has  seen first-hand how the profit from coffee can impact the lives of its farming communities, from education to hunger. He now grows coffee in  Uganda and buys directly from farmers, supporting and empowering farming communities, paying 30% more than traditional coffee trade routes. And each Blue Turaco purchase provides 2 lunches; fighting hunger in Ugandan village schools, helping kids like me eat and stay in school.  

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