Why Robusta?

Why Robusta?

There are two main types of coffee beans - Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica is a more delicate bean grown at different altitudes. Robusta is a more hardy coffee and this has often been translated in to lower quality. Now, speciality coffee is waking up to the incredible flavours of well-grown Robusta with new roasting techniques being used to unlock the amazing flavours.

Blue Turaco uses new methods to grow and process Robusta that have allowed it’s true flavour profile to come through. 

Our Robusta beans are specialty-grade. This means they have been carefully selected, processed, and roasted to meet the high-quality standards of the speciality coffee industry. 

Our coffee is grown at high altitude, in favourable growing conditions, which result in a more nuanced flavour profile tasting of fruity and floral notes. If you love coffee Blue Turaco Speciality robusta offers a more powerful flavour and naturally contains double the caffeine of arabica. What a start to your day!

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