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Dear friends and family

Love coffee? Want to change lives for the better?

I am building a different kind of coffee brand - on a mission to shift the power dynamics in the coffee industry, support and empower farming communities, and fight childhood hunger in local village schools. And you can be a part of making that happen. 

Before I tell you more, I would like to (re)introduce myself.

A bit about me. My name is Wycliffe Sande. I was born on a roadside in a small fishing village in Uganda. As an 8-year-old boy I picked coffee beans to pay for my school fees and food, accompanied by the friendly blue turaco birds chattering in the coffee trees. Coffee has given me life and my education, taking me to London where I currently live. 

The story so far. Alongside my day job and looking after a young family, I have been working hard to grow Blue Turaco. The tagline is ‘Powerful coffee. Powerful impact.’ But it’s more than a gimmick - here’s what it means.

Powerful coffee.

It is great coffee. We use 100% speciality graded robusta coffee beans, sourced directly from Ugandan smallholder coffee farmers, graded and roasted by UK award-winning baristas, with naturally double the caffeine as arabica coffee.

Powerful impact.

Social impact is at the core of Blue Turaco. I’ve seen first-hand how the profit from coffee can impact the lives of its farming communities, from education to hunger. I now grow coffee in  Uganda and buy directly from farmers, supporting and empowering farming communities, paying 30% more than traditional coffee trade routes. And each Blue Turaco purchase provides 2 lunches; fighting hunger in Ugandan village schools, helping kids like me eat and stay in school.  

The opportunity. This could be a turning point. Last year I was part of a start-up incubator, AddPsalt - pitching our brand, product and mission to leading UK retailers. 

As I write, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Ocado are waiting to list Blue Turaco coffee on their shelves this October.I can’t begin to describe how incredible that would be for my mission, but also for our fellow farmers in Uganda to have their coffee represented.

Blue Turaco is growing through direct to customer sales, but we need to scale to be able to supply to these national retailers. I need to move fast to take advantage of this opportunity. And that means raising £7k in 30 days to scale up operations - specifically to purchase the green coffee beans and initial packaging materials to get Blue Turaco stocked and shared more readily.

How you can be a part of it. 

I am inviting you to join the robusta revolution by pre-ordering some coffee as a one-off  or to become a Powerful Supporter of Blue Turaco. And please do also share this invitation with 10 people you know and with your churches, colleagues and networks. As one future retailer partner used to say, ‘every little helps! 

Pre-order coffee:

Every order you make and the every £ will make a huge difference to our campaign and a real impact on the lives of coffee farmers.  Every order will receive an exclusive photo of Wycliffe with our coffee farmers in Uganda and access to an exclusive video of the journey of your coffee.  Now that’s traceability!