The Coffee

Wake up to Specialty Robusta!

THE next big thing in coffee and yet it is something we in Uganda have cultivated and cherished for generations. 

There are two types of coffee beans - Arabica & Robusta. Arabica is amore delicate bean grown at a different altitude. Robusta is more hardy and this has often translated into lower quality. Now Specialty coffee is waking up to the incredible flavours of well grown robusta and as developing roasting techniques to unlock the amazing flavours. 
Blue Turaco use new methods to grow and process Robusta that have allowed its true flavour profile to come through, a deliciously strong and powerful taste.


If you love your coffee Blue Turaco Specialty Robusta offers a more powerful taste and it holds double the caffeine of Arabica!
Here are some pictures taken in November 2021 with farmers in Uganda and our beautiful coffee trees.